About me:
Born and raised in a little place called Sheboygan, Wisconsin. After goofing around for many years at the age of 26 I joined the Marine Corps, got married at 30. Our son was born when we were stationed in Okinawa. Left the Corps in 2014 and now work with family.

I am just an average guy that see life slightly differently than I use to and I am just doing what I can to add positivity, love, compassion and doing my best to heal the world.

How I feel about life:
I feel we are all fall in the category as nothing special ordinary human beings; at the same time  we are something special. We all have our own unique qualities that make us who we are. I feel both are causes for celebration. I am just a guy that gets up goes to work and has a family but upon closer examination I see the shine in my wife’s eyes each morning; I hear the pitter patter of my son scurrying about the house each and every day; I feel my dogs long shaggy hair as I stroke his back; I know I am alive and I know you are alive and I feel, see, and hear the love in the world… Then I wake up, start the daily routine and head off to work. Each step we take matters, each breath we take changes, each understanding we share impacts.

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